Your Guide to Princetoween.

Your Guide to Princetoween.

With Midterms ending and Fall Break approaching, Princetoween is upon us. Watch our new video to learn about Princetoween and things to keep in mind about self-care, cultural appropriation, and being just a little too lit during this Thursday night. Stay spooky, and we hope you didn't fail midterms 👹 Here are some resources to keep in mind to stay safe during Princetoween.

1. PSafe - if there is an emergency (sexual assault, intoxication, whatever it may be) don't hesitate and call PSafe at 609-258-3333 or for non-emergencies call 609-258-1000

2. McCosh - ... freshman, you know where this is. Don't make it the 13th eating club that night. If someone is clearly unstable, DROP EVERYTHING AND TAKE THEM TOO MCCOSH!!!

3. Campus Club - If you are hungry, or just need a place to sit and calm down after all that raging, go to Campus Club where there will be free food until 1 a.m.!

4. UMatter Bus - It's a free bus that runs on the weekend from 12:30 AM to 2:30 AM and takes you to your dorm if you get too cold or wasted. Track where it is during the night.


Unsure of how kosher your costume is? Check out the list list shown in the video about making Halloween an inclusive and unproblematic experience for all.