Affinity Spaces.

Invading Affinity Spaces? Protecting POC Places at Princeton.

The affinity spaces of Princeton’s Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding (CAF) provide students of color from various backgrounds (such as Middle Eastern, Latinx, or black identities) a place to study, socialize, and feel comfortable in having their own space on campus. This is not always the case, however; many students who occupy these spaces have faced difficulties with other students who do not identify with their affinities coming into the space, disrespecting and locking students out and even refusing to leave when asked to. Watch the video to hear about the experiences of Princeton students, and how this issue is affecting POC on campus.

How can we fix this?

While it is an institutional responsibility to encourage and remind students of color and marginalized groups that they belong here by making them feel comfortable and accepted, it is also the responsibility of minority students to take up the space provided at the CAF. It is the first step to having more space on campus.